Mission Objective 4: A Royal Side Trip (Part 2)

Panting, Ned slowed his pace. The sky was turning purple, and Ned realized it would be dark soon. He pulled vines away from a stone arch, entering a breathtaking spot.

“Hi there! You look surprised,” a woman called out to Ned. He was surprised: this seemed to be some kind of natural resort.

“Looks like you’ve never been to the Omiscan Royal Baths before,” an older gentleman laughed. “You’re a little younger than the usual snowbird crowd, but come join us!”

“We visit every winter,” Talia, a tourist from the Uptown District told Ned. “Most of the younger crowd enjoy hiking around the ruins, but these natural hot springs are really good for the joints. You’re welcome to stay with our group tonight, although our group leaves for San Myshuno in the morning.”

Ned thanked her and gladly joined them for the night. Perhaps it was just superstitious, but after the crash site, he felt safer in a group tonight. He was finally able to find a signal, messaging the crash coordinates to his handler, but Ned couldn’t wait until he was able to file his full report. He hoped a team would be at the crash site soon. Despite his worry, Ned fell fast asleep.


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