Mission Objective 2: A Night Out (Part 3)

Shelli and Jim Sims have traveled to Selvadorada for a date night. This must be the place to be!

“El Arbol de Jaguar” is having a special, George,” Luz texted. “Free food and drinks from nine to midnight. Want to join me?”

After spending the entire day listening in on the locals he’d bugged and not finding out anything about the missing plane, Ned was eager for a night out. He messaged Luz back, “Sounds good. Meet you at 9!”

So far he’d only discovered some less-than-honest business dealings, an illegally obtained permit to search part of the jungle, and Luz asking her manager for the evening off.

Luz and the server both recommended the special, Arepa de Pabellón, and Ned decided to try it.

“What do you think, George?” Luz asked him. “Isn’t it delicious?” He agreed. A few moment later Raul approached their table.

“Luz! George! Want to join us? Julissa, Alisha, and Vincente are on their way.”

Ned figured this was a great way to squeeze a little extra information about of the locals. He was evidently considered a friend (and more by Luz). Fighting back a twinge of guilt, Ned followed them to the large table. He whispered a few words into Raul’s ear. Raul blanched, “H-how do you know the permit was forged? A-and could a hundred simoleons make you forget it?”

“Something’s come up,” Raul told the group. They didn’t seem to notice his flushed complexion, and Luz ordered spinach-wrapped burritos and espuma agria drinks for the table.

Ned heard a familiar voice, “Table for two please, the missus and I sure do like your little village, and this free drink and food night just beats all.”

Spying the familiar face, Ned quickly put his hat back on, hoping he blended in with the locals. He didn’t need Mayor Roswell blowing Ned’s cover and felt relieved when the Roswells were shown to a table on the patio.

When Luz excused herself to use the restroom, Ned confronted Julissa and Alicia. “A little birdie told me about your off-the-record export business. Quite a tidy profit selling artifacts, I’d think.”

“U-um, we don’t know what you’re talking about, George!” Julissa stammered.

“Really?” Ned smiled. “Perhaps the word ‘Totecallum’ jogs your memory?”

The two women exchanged worried glances. “We can cut you in,” Alicia whispered. Ned nodded and took a bite of his burrito.

Ned was extremely pleasant for the rest of the meal. Julissa and Alicia excused themselves as quickly as possible, and Luz finally said she needed some rest before her shift later that morning.

Ned ordered an horchata and sat at a table in the corner. Alicia returned a short while later to Ned’s surprise. She hadn’t noticed him. Even more strange was the woman who walked in a few minutes later. Ned instantly recognized here. The last time he’d seen her was at the bar in StrangerVille, the night he realized something odd was happening. Strange events always followed her, Ned sighed, reminding himself to set the satellite dish to prevent abductions.

However, the woman in red was soon joined by what Ned recognized as her husband and son, so he put any thoughts of prior conspiracies to rest. “Time to put the pieces of the puzzle together,” he mused. “I think this group of locals is somehow connected to the crash.”

The Safe House lot and “Return to the Jungle” challenge were created by SimDoughnut


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