Mission Objective 2: The Angry Tiki (Part 2)

The Angry Tiki Bar deep in the jungle is the place for the locals to hang out.

Ned awakened with a start, realizing he’d nodded off for a good couple of hours, and finished the rest of the book. The clear skies, warm sunshine, and gentle breeze had dried Ned’s clothes quickly. He changed and headed out.

The sun was beginning its descent when Ned arrived at the Angry Tiki Bar. He immediately went to the bar and ordered an horchata, the light, refreshing sweetness and hint of cinnamon was quite enjoyable. “Sul sul!” one of the patrons approached him. “Another soldier on leave, I see.” They exchanged the traditional Selvadoradian greeting. “I’m Luz, and welcome. How long are you on leave?”

“I’ve accrued a whole season’s worth of leave,” Ned smiled, hoping he was being charismatic. Thinking quickly, he borrowed the name from one of the greatest agents, “Name’s George,” he introduced himself. “Care to join me in a game of darts?”

Ned tried not to enjoy himself too much, which wasn’t easy. The locals were quite welcoming, and the bar had a great vibe. He was glad he had practiced darts back at the safe house when a few other locals asked to join in a round. Ned beat them all. Raul ordered chips and salsa for the group, and invited Ned to hang out with them.

By now, several patrons were dancing. Ned figured this was a good time to show off the dance moves he’d been practicing.

The traditional Selvadoradian greeting made it surprisingly easy to plant bugs on several locals.

“Stay for a barbecue?” local Alberto asked. Ned readily agreed. He was having such an enjoyable time, he really didn’t want to leave. “Remember your mission,” Ned told himself, “you still don’t know whom you can trust.”

Immersed in his role as a solider on leave, Ned became friendly with Luz. “And this is near where I caught my first fish here in Selvadorada.”

This relationship is progressing quickly!

Ned’s heart beat rapidly. He had take a bold move, but it worked! His ears were buzzing from the excitement. With a jolt, Ned realized it wasn’t the kiss but a swarm of bees. Using his keen logic skill, he quickly ascertained the situation, standing motionless until the bees flew off. “I really need to find those herbal ingredients,” he murmured as he left for the safe house.

The “Angry Tiki” Bar lot and “Return to Selvadorada Challenge” are created by SimDoughnut. This is my favorite bar I think. It’s such a great place to hang out, and the sims really seem to have a fun time here. Thank you, SimDoughnut!

George Smiley is a spy created by Jean Le Carre. Since Ned isn’t a dashing agent like 007, Jack Ryan, or other notable spies, he relates more to Smiley than the romantic, adventuresome types.


2 thoughts on “Mission Objective 2: The Angry Tiki (Part 2)

    1. Oh that’s too bad. I do think it helps to have an established Sim for this challenge, although Ned needed to level up his charisma. I don’t think he was too happy standing in front of the mirror all day, lol.


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