Mission Objective 2: Briefing (Part 1)

Bird calls and strong sunlight awakened Ned just after sunrise. Wiping the sleep out of his eyes, he opened the fridge and grabbed a bowl of yogurt.

While he was washing up, Ned heard the pinging from the computer. He checked his latest message.

From Ned’s reading, he knew that he needed to keep his mission objective in mind at all times. Bars were dangerous places. Too many agents had ended up on a final mission after forgetting the motto of one of the greatest agents, “Each of us has only a quantum of compassion . . . if we lavish our concern on every stray cat, we never get to the centre of things.”* So far, he hadn’t seen any stray cats, but one could never be too cautious.

This next set of objectives would leave him little time at the safe house, so Ned decided some housekeeping was in order. He set some more humane traps.

Then he showered. After a few days of just doing quick wash ups in the sink, the tepid water felt good. Ned hurried because he knew without rain, the water storage take wouldn’t be refilled soon.

Finally, he scrubbed his clothes in a laundry tub and hung up his clean clothes to dry. Surely he wouldn’t be called out for wearing civvies while his laundry was drying. He’d prefer not to spend the day in only a towel.

His housekeeping tasks complete and the sun approaching the midpoint, Ned figured he should read Volume 2: What’s Illegal, What’s Frowned Upon. He needed to fully understand what “any means necessary” meant before going to the Tiki Bar. This intrepid agent sat down to learn as much as he could, enjoying the gentle breeze and warm autumn weather.

The “Safe House” lot is by SimDoughnut who has created the “Return to the Jungle” challenge.

*Quote from Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy by Jean Le Carre


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