Chapter 6: Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!

Weeks passed. Don felt he was in the biggest slump of his life. Yes, he had nearly escaped and probably run away like a coward, but desperate times called for desperate measures, and Don was not going to be mixed up permanently with the Caliente women. Dina would get over it, Don consoled himself. Johnny was a true friend and non-judgmental. “Yeah, I know you don’t have anything to contribute,” Johnny cheerfully welcomed Don to his trailer, “but you’ll get a job soon. In the meantime, my couch is open.”

06-16-17_11-41-55 PM

Don did his best to be a good house guest. It was easy to keep the small trailer tidy. The days passed watching romance TV and cooking meals their meager budget could afford. Don was becoming quite the home-style cook and could whip up scrambled eggs and toast, grilled cheese, and macaroni and cheese with ease. He told himself that living in this present was better than some of the places he’d been in the past. The couch was better than a park bench. Grilled cheese better than free chips. A quiet trailer better than a loud luxury home. But Don was more than ready for something different. Hopefully, something better.

05-27-17_10-49-15 PM.png

The something better came in an unexpected way. One afternoon while watching the Romance Channel, the Klumzee Sisters was interrupted by a commercial.

“Are you looking for excitement? The thrill of new discoveries? Are you physically fit and reasonably intelligent? FutureSim Labs is now hiring lab technicians with a starting pay of 24 Simoleons an hour. Submit your CV today! Flexible work schedules and benefits available. Must not have family and be able to travel.” Don blinked his eyes in amazement. A flexible job with benefits? He quickly pulled out his phone. Good, it hadn’t been shut off yet. Now to apply before anyone else took the job.

“I knew you’d find something,” Johnny told Don the next morning. “You seem like the perfect fit for working with animals.”

“Animals?” Don asked, quite confused.

06-16-17_11-44-30 PM.png

“Yeah, dogs. Cats. Lions, tigers, maybe horses even.” Johnny realized Don was still confused.

“Look around, Johnny. Do we have any of those? Sure, there’s Bear Night at the bar and the random trash panda roaming the city streets. But what else do we have?”

“Llamas?” Don said, only slightly sarcastic.

“C’mon, Don. I know that. It’s all about the llamas. That’s all it ever is. Seriously now. You’ll be working for FutureSim labs — and maybe corgis and poodles. Tabbies and Simamese. I’m personally hoping for horses, too.” Johnny was getting pretty worked up. “I read about — wait let me find that kids’ book I used to have.” Don decided the best thing was to excuse himself and left Johnny searching the bookshelf.

When Don returned from his run, Johnny was busy composing a new comedy routine about flying llamas.

*Originally published June 17, 2017, when the Sim community was clamoring for pets.

Featured Image: FutureSims Labs Re-imagined, designed by Coolspear1 (find lot/cc/mods at


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