Ned Whalen and the Mystery of StrangerVille, Part 2

A Brief Overview of Ned’s Adventure

After a series of unfortunate events, Ned decided to take a sabbatical from Future Sims Labs. He couldn’t bear to be in his home anymore, so he sold it and purchased an old pickup and trailer and set off down the open highway.

When he arrived in the sleepy town of StrangerVille, Ned found the residents friendly. Mayor Roswell was evidently proud of his town and his modern visitors’ center, which, Ned surmised, appeared to be the local hangout for the scientists who worked at the StrangerVille Labs.

Shelli Sims doesn’t appear too impressed with the visitors’ center.

Ned met quite a few of the locals and some people from out of town. He knew the labs employed a third of the residents, but it was still surprising to see all the people walking around town in their white lab coats.

He began wondering if everyone in this town was quite right. Did they have some unusual Harvest Fest traditions involving colanders and Christmas lights?

The bizarre plants cropping up around town caught Ned’s attention. He decided to study them.

When Ned stumbled upon a bunker below his RV site, he knew something strange was going on. He began to follow the clues.

Was it the scientists or the military who was behind the apparent cover up of some strange event that happened at SVL? No matter how hard he tried, Ned couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone.

Some of his neighbors and other townspeople couldn’t even speak rationally.

Yet nobody openly acknowledged something strange was happening.

After an encounter in the bunker with Dr. L’Ernitage and a scientist from SVL, Dr. Gracie Augustine, Ned and the went to the labs. They were deserted.

Dr. Augustine was able to communicate with a contact — and then the computer self destructed.


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