Mods & Custom Content

The usual disclaimer: Use of these mods and custom content is at user discretion. EA does not support mods but has guidelines in place. Make sure to backup your files and follow the creator guidelines before using. Please read the creator terms of use (TOU) before using and make sure they are current with the latest patch.

Current Mods & CC

Favorite Creators

I use just about all the mods & cc these creators have.

Ravasheen (website) Patreon

Sims in Bloom CC/Mods

Daisy Bloom’s Tiny Home RV There Yet Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Peg to Differ 2.0 Pegboard Set

Peg to Differ Entryway Set (Umbrella, Sweater for quick change, Headphones, Calendar, clutter)

Peg to Differ Kitchen Clutter Set (Links to TSR download)

Making Game Play Tolerable

No Fear of Unfulfilled Dreams

No Fear of a Dead End Job

No Constant Phone

No Route Fail Animations

No Forgotten Birthdays Drama

No Holidays Failure Drama

Rex’s Mods List — Calendar Events, etc.

No Random CAS Makeup/Accessories

Traits & Aspirations

High School Years EP

Live Drag and Inventory Enabled for HS Diplomas

Bugfix: Hanging Rack

Clothing Rack: Just Browsing

Dress Normally at the Thrift Store

Form Groups at High School

Choose Your Classmates

RexSimsCorner Mod List

Frankk’s Language Barriers

Seasons EP – Calendar-Social

BrittPinkie Revived-Prom-Baby Shower-Slumber Party-Bach Party-Updated by Rex (SFS Download Page shared by Ikavelle)

SimQuest Links & Mod Status

GTW & Moschino – Photos-Frames

Functional Photo Frames V.2

Links to My Mods & CC Lists

I still use many of the mods listed in 2019 and 2021. Sadly, many creators are no longer updating; happily, other creators have adopted abandoned mods.

Shelli’s Worlds 2022 Mods & CC List (I am slowly updating this list.)

July 2021 Pre-Cottage Living Update

WCIF Summer 2019