About My Worlds

About the Worlds of The Sims and Shelli’s Worlds

Note: While prior versions of The Sims were in the same universe, TS4 is in an alternate timeline.

The Watcher is a being who looks after the Sims. In the Jungle Adventure Game Pack, the concept of the Watcher and the Sims’ meaning of existence is explored in a series of glyphs. As the Watcher in my Sim Worlds, I consider myself “benevolent,” along the lines of the Peteran Church in The Sims Medieval. I have also developed my own theories of how to be able to sit back and watch the Sims go about their daily lives without my needed to micromanage them: It’s all about giving them the tools and first-few hours of directions to set them on the right path.

If you want to read about mayhem and drama, my worlds probably are not for you for I don’t enjoy creating excess drama. My danger-seeking Sims do a good enough job on their own.

The Sims 4 development team (Maxis) has created diverse, sprawling (or too-small depending on your personal opinion) lands, consisting of distinct “worlds,” or as we might say, regions, each with their own distinct geographies, histories, and traditions. With the June 2020 update, they’ve given us more information about the neighborhoods in the different worlds, and I plan to explore that further in the future.

Update Summer 2020: I’m currently exploring (and revisiting) the worlds of The Sims 3 in my LEPacy Challenge, beginning with the base game world of Sunset Valley. While the individual worlds in the Sims 3 are open–sims can travel by car, bike, motorcycle, boat, hover board, foot, without loading screens–each world is separate. I’ve added mods to my Sims 3 so I can have my family travel to different worlds as the generations progress. Someday (when I am able to have a more powerful PC and the extra time), I hope to be able to literally create my own world in Sims 3 using Create a World. We need goals, right? To be honest, I don’t have the same affinity for the townies in the Sims 3, and I think it’s because there is so much more depth to the actual game play. I enjoy both games and appreciate them for the different games they are. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my Sims 3 stories, too.

So, pour a cup of tea or other beverage, relax, and welcome to my worlds!

Dag dag,