About My Worlds

About the Worlds of The Sims and Shelli’s Worlds

Note: While prior versions of The Sims were in the same universe, TS4 is in an alternate timeline.

The Watcher is a being who looks after the Sims. In the Jungle Adventure Game Pack, the concept of the Watcher and the Sims’ meaning of existence is explored in a series of glyphs. As the Watcher in my Sim Worlds, I consider myself “benevolent,” along the lines of the Peteran Church in The Sims Medieval. I have also developed my own theories of how to be able to sit back and watch the Sims go about their daily lives without my needed to micromanage them: It’s all about giving them the tools and first-few hours of directions to set them on the right path.

If you want to read about mayhem and drama, my worlds probably are not for you for I don’t enjoy creating excess drama. My danger-seeking Sims do a good enough job on their own.

The Sims 4 development team (Maxis) has created diverse, sprawling (or too-small depending on your personal opinion) lands, consisting of distinct “worlds,” or as we might say, regions, each with their own distinct geographies, histories, and traditions.

(In TS3, I only play(ed) a couple of worlds since families could not travel among them. I enjoy this type of play but with TS4, I have a richer sense of an entire capital “w” World.)