Mission Objective 1a: Welcome to the Jungle! (Part 1)

Ned’s months of training would be tested on his first assignment. While some of his fellow recruits would be going to the StrangerVille Base to further their military careers, Ned had been chosen for a different path.

Rather than going into town, Ned decided to spend his leave swimming in the pool and playing horseshoes. Who knows when he’d have another day to relax? He was actually going to miss the training base.

Early the next morning, a black SUV arrived for Ned. He said goodbye to his fellow trainees and stepped inside. On the leather seat was an envelope with the following instructions.

Everything seemed pretty straightforward, although Ned wondered why he needed to become a good dancer. He spent the drive to the heliport memorizing the instructions and the helicopter ride enjoying the scenery.

Ned was dropped off at the heliport just outside the Puerto Llamante Marketplace and told speak to the vendor with yellow shorts for directions to the safe house.

“Take the path that leads up the hill,” the vendor said. “You’ll see a large hacienda at the top; turn left and walk around the bend.” He handed Ned a bag. “I’d change into these clothes for the walk,” the vendor said. “Make sure nobody follows you. Good luck!” Ned turned to thank him, but he was gone.

An easy ten-minute hike later, Ned approached the security fence cautiously. High voltage. He would be on alert. He stood in front of the security camera, and when he was recognized, the gate slowly swung open.

Ned began with the first item on the list. He adjusted and familiarized himself with the video camera. This took a bit, but finally he felt confident. It was positioned and ready to film anything out of the ordinary.

Next he sat down at the computer, which was more heavily encrypted than the ones at either Future Sims Labs or StrangerVille Labs. This time, though, he had the necessary passwords and authentication protocols. “I’m surprised at how fast the connection is,” Ned mused, “way out here.” The hours passed as he researched dangers of jungle life and how to avoid most of them.

Feeling a bit hungry, Ned looked through the fridge. It was stocked with yogurt. He grabbed a yogurt and went outside to sit at the picnic table. As he was finishing, he heard unusual sounds. “What in the llama?”

“Plasma bats!” He stood motionless, observing them. After a short time they flew off. “Nobody’s meal tonight,” Ned congratulated himself.

After the surge of adrenaline receded, Ned felt exhausted. He was glad to see a military-issue bed like the one at the training camp and was ready to bunk down for the night. “I’m so tired, I don’t think anything will wake me tonight,” he yawned.

Recruit Training Center Lot, “The Base, V2” by Elder Jymm (I added a fire prevention utility system panel and changed to the SVGP military bunks).

CO “Remington Sinclair” and recruit “Sebastian Belcher” by SimDoughnut

Recruit “Ariel JazminesSim” by JazminesSim

“Safe House” lot by SimDoughnut

Cantina y Capilla de Maria lot by NicerHomesnLots


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